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It was finally the day.

Ver had talked about it a couple months ago, and Xen was encouraging. She had been Xen's companion for a couple of years, and she wanted to venture out on her own to explore new parts of the world. Ver took the time since then to think about where she wanted to start from until she was certain and had arrangements in order. She was going to move to a village to the north-west of Xen's base. It was a location that they frequented for missions and commerce, but he never went further north or west from that village.

It seemed like the perfect place for her to start from - the people there already knew her, but there was still unexplored lands for her to venture out to. Ver and Xen went there a few times since she brought up the idea of going out on her own, and she made arrangements to move into a house next door to the herdsman. She was well-acquainted with him, because Xen frequently bought animals from him to raise for livestock.

He was also the one who stole the tamer's fertilizer and garden tools.

Ver was excited to be going out on her own, but equally nervous about where she chose to move to. She knew the residents already, but... she wasn't sure what they thought of her. She was usually just in tow to Xen as he went about his business and petty crimes.

Ver shook her head, coming back to the world. She was getting ready to go - cleaning up around her room and storing away things she didn't plan on bringing. Honestly, that was most of her belongings. She had the clothes on her back and the sword Xen gave her when she came out of the replica machine, as well as some meals she had prepared. She planned on going by storage to get the materials to make some tools before she left.

There was a knock at her door.

"Come in," she said.

The door opened, and Xen stepped in. He had his hands behind his back, and a poorly restrained expression of happiness. When Ver looked at him, she couldn't help but laugh.

"What is it? What do you have, Xen?" She asked him.

He brought a bag out from behind him, heavy with items. Ver took it from him and placed it on the floor, then sat down and opened it.

The first thing she pulled out was a set of armor: a Parasect Outfit, as well as silver gloves and boots. Ver raised her eyebrows - she knew Xen was having trouble finding silver. She looked up at him.

"What? I want you to start off with nice things. It'll make your life a whole lot easier." Xen said. "Keep looking, there's still more."

Ver turned back to the bag. The next thing she found was a pair of tools - a silver pickaxe and axe. The last few things, at the bottom of the bag, were a handful of accessories. There was Cecil, an Insector Appendage, and a Goblin Shield.

"Thank you," she said as she got up and hugged Xen. He had a stupid, huge grin on his face, clearly proud that she liked the gift.

"Take care of them, I took a lot of time to make it for you. Ammar helped me get everything together, so you should thank him, too." Xen patted her on the back before pulling away. "I need to go tend to the animals. Let me know before you leave!" He said as he left the room. The door clicked closed behind him.

Ver was still smiling. She took the time to put on the armor and accessories that Xen gave to her, then sheathed her sword at her waist.

She took one more look around the room that had always been her home, appreciating everything she had and was leaving here. There was nothing else for her to do - the room was clean, all her stuff was organized, and she had everything that she wanted to bring with her. She left the room and closed the door behind her.

Ammar's room was right next to hers, though he kept his door ajar. She knocked on it and leaned in. Ammar was laying on his bed with a map in front of him. When Ver leaned in, he looked up at her.

"Hey, Ammar. Xen told me that you helped him get everything together for this stuff," she said, gesturing to the armor she was wearing. "Thank you for helping him. I'm going to take good care of it."

Ammar gave her a little smile. "Of course, Ver. More importantly, make sure to take care of yourself. Things can be replaced - you can't."

Ver nodded. "I don't have anything else to do, so I guess I'm gonna get going. I'll see you around, Ammar!"

Ammar waved at her before he went back to looking over the map.

Ver walked through the base, taking her time to think back on the memories she had here. She thought about the first few months she was here, when Xen was renovating, and he kept moving things around where she couldn't find them. She thought back on the hundreds of breakfasts and dinners they'd cooked and eaten together, first her and Xen, later with Ammar as well. It was everything she knew and was familiar with, and she was leaving it behind.

She stepped out into the backyard where all of the animals were kept. She walked past the mounts first, and petted their lioness before going to the back where the farm animals stayed.

Xen was in the furthest-back pen, sitting down and petting the chickens. It seemed that he had already collected their eggs for the day. Ver approached the fence and leaned on it to talk to him.

"Hey, I'm about to leave." She told him.

Xen put down a chicken and got up to hug her. "Make sure to take Emerald with you. She has the best speed out of the other pets," he said. "And she's green like you!" He added, with a dumb grin.

Ver couldn't help but smile back. He was always so happy about the mildest things, and it was contagious.

"Now, don't throw away my stuff for some new girl," she joked.

"I would never dream of it. Get going, Ver," Xen replied. He ruffled her hair before turning back to the chickens.

Ver left, going back to the yard of pets. When she passed through the gate, she picked up a halter and lead from the equipment rack along the fence. Emerald was one of their two unicorns, and they usually stayed around the far, wooded corner of the yard. As Ver approached the area, Emerald gracefully stepped out of the trees. She had a clean white coat, an iridescent green mane, and soft pink eyes. The unicorn approached Ver, tossing her head. Ver reached her hand out and placed it on the unicorn's face.

"Hi, beautiful," she cooed. Ver liked to take care of the pets, and she always fawned over Emerald. What could she say? They were both green and she was endeared by the fact.

"We're gonna be going on adventures together, Emerald," she said. Ver had no idea if the unicorn understood her or not, but she liked talking to her all the same. She lifted up the halter, already fitted to Emerald's head, and secured it. Then she attached the lead and ruffled Emerald's mane. "Such a nice girl," Ver continued cooing.

Ver lightly pulled the lead to have Emerald follow her. Xen had riding equipment, but since she was moving right next door to the herdsman, she planned on buying new gear from him. It was going to be nice to treat her and Emerald with a fitted saddle and handmade tack.

She walked, guiding the unicorn, to the teleporter room. Ver had scheduled a time to get the key to her new place from the last person who lived there, right before they were leaving to move themself.

Ver went to the control panel of the teleporter and selected the teleporter at her destination. She stepped onto the teleporter, Emerald following her. After a brief delay they were teleported to the village, and Ver stepped off into a simple white room.

There was a guard near the door she left through, who nodded at her as she passed. She stepped out onto the street, citizens sparsely scattered around the place. It was getting into the afternoon and people were starting to relax from the day.

Ver walked down the street, heading for the first intersection on this road. The person she was buying the place from was a Boarman, and she saw them waiting next to an Ice Dragon Cub that was covered in bags.

"Hey, Maun." Ver said, waving in greeting.

"Hi, Ver. You ready to move in?" Maun asked.

"Yeah. Here's the last of my payment," she replied. She gave them a small bag, glowing with Tenergy shards.

"Great, thank you. Here's the key to the place. The lot is the house and the yard next to it, all yours." They said, trading the bag for a key. "I've gotta get going, now. I'm moving into a base with some other explorers, north of here. Feel free to drop by!"

Maun climbed onto the back of the Ice Dragon Cub and rode off. Ver watched them go for a moment, before turning and continuing down the street. Neli, the herdsman, was in front of his store, carrying in a cage. "Hey, Ver! I'd wave, but..." He said, looking down at the cage.

"Hi, Neli! You're all good." Ver replied. "Normally I'd offer to help, but I need to get settled in."

"It's okay, I've got it. I'll see you around! I hope you like the new place." Neli said. He went in to his store, and Ver continued on to the next building, her house.

She tied up Emerald next to the front door before she unlocked it and entered. It was barren, save for a bed, a stove, and two baskets - one of wood, and one of food. They were both fresh. Ver assumed Maun left them there as a gift for her move-in. She picked up an apple from inside and started eating it.

Ver really had nothing to bring or set up in her house - she just wanted to come in and see what she was working with. It was weird, being in a house so empty, when Xen's base was so large and full of stuff. Storage, workbenches, furniture, furnaces, bedrooms... such a lively place. This new house felt almost cold to her.

But she knew that she needed to give it life, the same way Xen did to her and to Ammar, and to the base he built up from the small building that held his life pod, as well as the graves of others that malfunctioned or were broken by raiders over the years. It took time and effort that paid off well.

She was looking forward to accomplishing the same.