Welcome to Kepler's corner

artist, writer, streamer, recipe developer...


Hello! Thank you for considering commissioning me.
I am willing and able to produce a variety of illustration services, including but not limited to:

  • Character design
  • Real people (see note below)
  • Humans, anthromorphics, and ferals
  • Icons, portraits, busts, and fullbodies
  • Character reference sheets
  • Multiple characters together
  • Environment design
  • Backgrounds (of varying detail level)
  • Sketches, lineart, flat color, and full color
  • NSFW (must be 18+, as well as able and willing to verify this fact. I will not draw explicit content for anyone not willing or able to verify that they are of age. Not of real people.)

Caveats to this list is that I will not draw anything that is illegal in reality (read: I will not draw simulated CP.) or that I have a personal moral against. I retain the right to refuse service to anyone, as well as to cease work for any reason. I retain all rights to the work that I produce, and my commissioners have non-exclusive right to non-commercially reproduce the artwork. Additional usage rights by negotiation.

Payment is calculated at $15 per hour spent working on your piece, starting at 1 hour. Meaning if you commission me for a sketch that takes 40 minutes, you will still be charged $15 for one hour of work.

I use ActivityWatch to track the time spent drawing to more accurately bill you for my time. Because it only tracks what window is active at a present moment, commissions will be queued back to back instead of worked on simultaneously.

If you have read through my terms of service and still want to commission me, reach out to me via the lines of contact linked below: