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03/10/2022: added some stuff to the home page. i feel like having more cutesy elements in my layout so expect more minor edits to add cute graphics and shit


27/09/2022: juette's yum-yum shoppe is now open!! ive wanted to make it for a while now but i never found the motivation and inspiration to draw little pixel items. i might make pages for a bunch more old web pixel cliques because they all look very fun even when they've closed down.

25/09/2022: finally made my own quilting bee patches! theyre just a few basic pride patches for now but feel free to use them i will make more patches later :]

24/09/2022: please kindly ignore all the test pages im currently making something for a friend. i prommy i will post the links once its all finalized

21/09/2022: do you remember, the twenty-first night of september?
dithered the home page background and i quite like it. might dither a bunch more backgrounds. new paragraphs font is by cinni. it has a nice feel.

18/09/2022: woooh yesterday was my birthday im 19 now. aside from that ive been slowly working on pages for a pokemon au with me ianto and data over the past few weeks ^__^ i also made a bunch of small updates like changing the favicon and adding little decorations...


29/08/2022: changed the splash page a lot today. please appreciate the randomly ordered side images i spent all day struggling with them.

27/08/2022: old pokémon special interest came back in full force so im gonna be using my website to make the pokédex ive always wanted to make since i was little. itll be the perfect place to put my silly headcanons and my fanmade pokémons

08/08/2022: i am back!! scenequeen made me a cool new button that i've added to the ones you can use to link back to me :]

JULY 2022

06/07/2022: sorry for inactivityyy i have a summer job so im busy for pretty much all of this month. in other news i started watching tng and im about as obsessed with data as i am with ianto so expect him to start popping up a lot on my website

JUNE 2022

24/06/2022: added some buttons to the homepage navigation and made a bunch of minor updates. i have a lot of ideas for new pages that i have to make eventually

12/06/2022: been working on an F/O list page for the past week and it's finally finished now.

05/06/2022: i started on some new pages (belgian trans resources, language learning resources and evil words) and i updated the homepage to include some kind of side navigation (which i need to make buttons for, so it's unfinished).

02/06/2022: happy pride month!! the art gallery is all fancy now.

MAY 2022

31/05/2022: i should be done editing pages to fix all the image links, but if anything broke let me know!!

29/05/2022: sorry about the general inactivity!! exams are coming up so i've been really busy, i've mostly been doing minor updates or worked on unfinished pages.
as for today's update, i've done a few accessibility tweaks on the homepage (i'm hoping to improve the accessibility on all of my pages eventually) and i fixed some javascript conflicts, officially bringing webneko back (i hadnt noticed it was broken)
i'm also currently resctructuring a lot of the site files, so things might be wonky for a while.

09/05/2022: freegb fucking died so i got a new guestbook

05/05/2022: reorganized and spiced up the sitemap. also made a proper gallery page even though it doesn't have actual images in it yet.

01/05/2022: did a lot of minor updates today to make up for the relative inactivity of these past few days! i also added a little chatbox to the homepage if you want to say anything.

APRIL 2022

17/04/2022: decided to change a bunch of backgrounds.... stole them from the bbc's torchwood websites lol

15/04/2022: procrastinated hard on homework to make a fridge

08/04/2022: just a heads-up, i changed some css to lighten my html so if pages look weird they might need a hard refresh.

07/04/2022: i am officially opening the adopt a torchwood agent page! i dont know if people will actually care to adopt one but im having fun regardless so :]

04/04/2022: lost the password to my guestbook and had to make a new one lol.... thank god i only had one message to copy-paste

02/04/2022: my library internship ended today and im so sad about it :( i had a really fun time these past three weeks all i want is to go back

01/04/2022: actually i hate ianto jones hes the worst character ever and only gets in the way of gwack. *proceeds to write 456787654 fics that grossly mischaracterize him to convince people* also hes heterosexual

MARCH 2022

31/03/2022: happy trans day of visibility everybodyyyy i dont wanna be too annoying about this but im a full-time student so i dont have any income and id appreciate it if you could commission me or donate to me on ko-fi because if i ever wanna be able to change my legal name im gonna need money.

28/03/2022: i dont think im sick anymore ^_^ ive been making lots of little graphics (finally made a new button!!) and i really enjoy it i think i will ask my friends if they want some...
also i forgot to say it on saturday but i received a signed ianto picture as the prize for winning a twitter drawing contest and im so happy! id already bought one that was signed during the february livestream but im so glad i have a 2nd one. i need to find a nice frame for it though.

26/03/2022: i am currently sick so if i do get well enough to go back to work on tuesday i will probably not do much else than sleep when i get home, so activity might be low.

22/03/2022: i guess im gonna be revamping this entire website? i didnt really like the way it looked honestly... id kinda rushed it so the design was very very basic and i think i can do way better while still keeping it mobile-compatible. i'll make a new button and everything later...