IANTO: He needed to do it. I can't blame him. I can't blame him for killing her. It's his job... it's just… / MANDY: Look, have you thought about leaving? It sounds like hell! / IANTO: I haven't got anything else! I literally have nothing else in my life. Just whatever scraps he throws me.
JACK: You don't get off that easy. / SUZIE: Yeah, you did warn me right at the beginning. He said, this is the one job you can never quit.
I have put too much of myself into this place that I have always said I would not go. Too much of my soul and heart and my dreams have gone into this thing that was not built to last forever. This life I live is not meant to be eternal. It is meant to be temporary, a season. But where was my foresight into my life? Where was my sense that it would not last? Where was my awareness that I could build something beautiful in this place, something that would outlive me?
OWEN: Think about it, Gwen. Nobody leaves this place intact. Sometime in the next twenty four hours I get Retconned. All my memories erased. I don't know where or when, but he'll get me.
GWEN: It's me. / JACK: What do you mean? / GWEN: It's me. I caused this. I made this happen. I knew Torchwood was toxic right from the moment I joined up, the very first day, but I stayed. / JACK: I'm glad you did. / GWEN: Stop being so nice. We left nice behind a hundred miles back. I'm trying to be honest, okay? Because do you know what the worst thing is of all? Out of all the shit we have seen, all the bloodshed, all the horror, do you know what is worse than all of that? I loved it. I bloody loved it. And I'd keep telling Rhys I was sorry, and I'd say to little Anwen I'm sorry, but I loved it so much. I knew things no one else knew and, oh, I felt so special. And when we lost people, it was so, so big and I could say it was worth it. Because the bigger it was, the more important I was. And the more people we lost, the more that meant I was a survivor and I was better than them. My God, this is all my fault and now they've got my beautiful little girl and I wished this on her. / JACK: I used to think the same about Torchwood.
IANTO: Are we ever really cut out for a normal life? / JACK: I don't know. Maybe we're more like the Sleepers than we thought: We're all soldiers, we all have to keep fighting. We were living a lie, and so were they. / IANTO: Not quite the same thing, though. / JACK: No, but maybe we're so used to doing this, maybe we don't even want a normal life anymore.
[Bedroom] / (Gwen Cooper Williams awakes with a start.) / RHYS: You okay? / GWEN: Yeah. Yeah. Don't know. Just, bad dream. / RHYS: What about? / GWEN: Oh. Oh, what do you think. Torchwood.
This place is not a place of honor... no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here... nothing valued is here. What is here was dangerous and repulsive to us. This message is a warning about danger. The danger is in a particular location... it increases towards a center... the center of danger is here... of a particular size and shape, and below us.
RHYS: You promised me you'd keep her away from this stuff. / GWEN: Yeah, well, be fair. She's too young. She thinks it all sounds like a fairy tale. / RHYS: It was a nightmare, Gwen. Your life back then was a living nightmare, love.

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