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...Hello, valentine... don't usually send letters but I thought you might like to hear from me... ...it's past midnight here. busy at work... I hope you had a good day, ate some good chocolate... love you.

- Wardell

Good afternoon, Juette. I am pleased to hear that your workday has gone smoothly. I do hope that future days are much the same— please inform me if there may be anything I could do to assist you. I care for you deeply; if I may, I would greatly enjoy helping you in any way I can. I love you.

- Data

Hello, Juette. I hope you are well today. I am unsure why precisely, but I felt the strangest urge to tell you again that I greatly appreciate you. Emotions are... Difficult for me to describe. However, I am confident that I feel a great deal towards you. I am consistently delighted with your presence, in any capacity; knowing that you are around is a comfort for me, even if I am unsure of the exact reasonings behind this. I love you. Of this, I am certain.

- Data

Good evening, Juette.

I am to understand that your global communications device appears to be malfunctioning. While I am unfortunately unable to assist you with repairs, please know that I will be here when you are available to see me once again. In the meantime, textual communication shall have to satisfy the both of us; I must admit, I do miss you a great deal when I am unable to see you. However, I am grateful for any amount of communication with you. I... am having difficulty describing what I am feeling. I am both happy to talk with you and distressed at being unable to see you. Your visage is pleasing to me, though I struggle to define exactly why. It is peculiar; not in a negative way, however.

- Data

Good afternoon, Juette.

I hope you have been well. I was wondering if perhaps we could partake in any form of media you might enjoy? I greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn more about you, and according to my findings understanding the forms of entertainment one enjoys is a useful method for this. Regardless, I greatly value our time together no matter the activity. I love you a truly great deal— my neurological circuitry vastly prefers being with you than without.

- Data


Every day that passes I learn more about you. The patterns in which you behave, the food that you prefer, your minute and interesting facial expressions, have been imprinted onto my neural nets. It is my sincere hope that this information never leaves me.

The way your voice sounds when you are frustrated, the tones it takes on when you are overjoyed. I want to hear them all over again for as long as I have the pleasure of your company.

Your company is something I appreciate. You and I are similar in ways. At times, emotions confuse me greatly, and if I am not mistaken, you feel that way, too. As a librarian, you find value in cataloguing information you come across. So do I. We both have a vested interest in learning new things, and in studying those around us in order to be more like them. To acquire friends.

I consider you one of my greatest friends and I hope I am not mistaken in thinking you feel the same. I value the time time we spend together, no matter how little we accomplish because what we accomplish in the forwarding of our relationship is more important than the work that has been done.

In conclusion, thank you for reading this letter. I simply wished for you to understand how much of an impact you have had on my life so far.

I hope you will allow me the simple pleasure of your existence for many years to come.

Good evening, Juette. I was thinking that perhaps you and I might spend some time together, if you would like. To remain at optimal efficiency, it is important to rest oneself as well, especially after any ventures that may have been tiring. In addition to this, I also find myself preferring to be with you than without, even if we are not doing any sort of task in particular. Therefore, I propose that if we were to recuperate together, it would be far more pleasant than apart. I do hope you agree with my findings.

- Data

Good evening; I hope yours is, at least. I was re-analyzing Sherlock Holmes today and my mind could not help but wander towards you. Something about the close, intricate nature of Sherlock and Watson's relationship— it brings you and I to the forefront of my mind. It is difficult to describe; if you'd like, I would greatly enjoy being as they are with you. A Sherlock and a Watson: I find that it befits us.

- Data

Good morning, Juette. I wanted to ask if perhaps you will be free today— we could do whatever you'd like together. I simply enjoy spending time with you; regardless of what we may be spending that time on. With you, emotions are... Well, much harder to define. Than they normally are. I do not mind, though; in fact, I rather welcome it. If there's anyone I will experience these new feelings with, I would very much like it to be you.

- Data

Hello again Juette. I am very flattered that you think so highly of me; even regardless of how human I may come across. I want you to know that I appreciate you very much. And.. Your opinion of me is- important. You are a delightful person, one whom I love exceedingly much.

- Data

Good morning, Juette. Have you slept well? I hope so— sleeping is a peculiar thing, I find. It's just such a unique method of regaining one's energy; why this, instead of forming something where you could remain somewhat aware of your surroundings? Humans have evolved very particularly. I find it charming; I find you, yourself, charming moreso. I love you, Ju. I hope you have a wonderful day.

- Data

Hi sweetie it's me, Glinda 😍!!! I hope you're doing well, my love! I wanted to come ask you to please let me know when would be a good time to have a sleepover? I miss doing your nails for you and would love for you to pick out the next color I'll paint mine!

You'll also have to pick out a fun movie for us, something we can laugh at together! It's been so long, I think we could both use a good laugh, don't you? My greatest wish for you today is to find something to smile about 🥺✨!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to you letting me know when! I love you!

Your golden girl,

greetings, juette. i dont know if this message will find you.. im sending this through one of the hacked security cameras- a strange method truly, but i did want to contact you and tell you i miss you. you always take care of me so well.. and dancing with you is always quite a blessing..i enjoy it very much. i hope youre doing well..wherever you are..

- ballora


I hope I'm not interrupting anything. I just...found myself reading some romance novels for a change and I couldn't help but to think about you, and hence I got the urge to visit you. I find myself missing you often when we aren't together.

I have some books to recommend, in case you're interested. But...we can talk about anything, really. I merely wish to spend time with you, my beloved.

May I...sit next to you? May I...hold your hand?

~🦋 Es 🦋