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Hello there, Juette.

I wanted to come and wish you the happiest of Valentine’s Day. I am a very lucky man to be able to say that I am with you, you have consistently been the light of my life whenever it felt like darkness. I adore you beyond words.




Happy Valentine's Day. It's a little hectic around here, you know that more than anyone, so I can't promise a big fancy day by any means, but that doesn't really fit us anyways, does it? I was hoping more for a quiet celebration at home, if you'll have it. I think we could both use a break from the chaos.

I love you, a lot. Sometimes I wish we could live bit more of a normal life together, but at the same time...I don't think I could imagine us, our lives, any other way. And maybe that's alright. I hope you feel the same.

Yours always,


Hi Juette, at first I thought you were a bit shy. When I got to know you I realized you were a very kind person, a hardworking man. You deserve all of the good things and I hope I'm providing you that comfort. ❤

You make me so happy, my dear fiancée. I hope this new year treats you kindly.



Hi Juette! Heard you weren't feeling so good, I'm coming over and I'm bringing James Bond DVD's for us to watch and some ice-cream.

Love, Ianto

Good morning, Juette. Would you like to join me today? I would love to watch something with you— James Bond, perhaps? Or we could continue something else instead. I simply want to spend time with you... I always do. You are very, very dear to me; I hope I can bring you the same sort of comfort you bring me. I love you.

Ianto Jones

Good afternoon, Juette. I wanted to let you know that I picked up some of your favorite snacks recently, and— if you'd like, we could watch something together? Relax a bit? Work is soothing to me, however I... Well, I want to spend time with you. Just us, having a simple evening together. I love you, darling. I hope you're having a lovely day.

Ianto Jones

Ah— is this too soon? Well, I just wanted to talk with you a little longer, my darling. Your company is— well it's simply enticing; that's the only way I can properly describe it. You are simply enthralling. I hope you know that— I want you to know that. That I love you, I love your companionship. I feel so strangely reassured with you near. It's not something I'm fully used to, but it is something I cherish. I love you, dear.

Ianto Jones

Hello, my darling. I do hope you have been well— you've been watching Star Trek recently, haven't you? I'd love to watch with you, if you'd like. Or... Well, spend time with you in general; I really enjoy your presence, you know, and being able to relax with you, whether we're enjoying media or something else... Well, I'm always more than grateful than I feel I can properly express.

Ianto Jones

Good evening, darling; I understand you've had quite the busy day, haven't you? I hope it's been a pleasant one, but please— regardless of that, allow me to do whatever I can to help you relax. I can prepare us some snacks, pull out a blanket, perhaps? I suppose what I really want to do right now is lie down with you, and cuddle together.

Ianto Jones

Good afternoon, darling. I hope you had a nice lunch— if you'd like, we can always grab a small snack together whenever you want. I truly do appreciate our time together, no matter what we're doing; even the most mundane of tasks is enjoyable with you. I.. Well, it's a little hard to describe, but.. My routines are better with you included. Even just having you close to me, it makes everything all the better. I love you— I hope you have a very lovely day.

Ianto Jones

Hello once again, my darling. I wanted to express my sincere thanks for checking up on and spending time with me as I work. Torchwood is as important a job as it is, well... On occasion, it can get a little lonely. I suppose sometimes I impose such situations on myself, but— you're there for me, and for that I am more than grateful. Time with you is time well spent. It always is– I love you, dear Juette.

Ianto Jones

Dear Ju,

How are you doing today? Just wanted to tell you how much I love you because it's always nice to be reminded!

When I first joined, when we first met you I was...scared and lost. Nobody really paid attention to me, just the support man or the tea boy. Except you, you always saw something in me. And thanks to your support and love, I am the man I am today.

Time sure does fly, doesn't it? It still feels like yesterday! Well, we still have so many memories to make together don't we? I can't wait to see what the future holds for us! As long as I am with you, I know I'll be happy.

Love you,
❤ Ianto ❤

My love— hello again. I.. know it has only been a few hours, but I couldn't stay away for too long. I wanted to see you again; though, I always do, to be truthful. I am here should you need anything, anything at all — I am more than grateful to have you in my life, and I want you to know that. I really am, more than anything.

With love, Ianto Jones.

Hello, my darling. I hope you don't mind the interruption — I just wanted to let you know that I very much missed your presence. I couldn't help myself from saying a quick hello, and— well, I wanted to remind you that you are in my thoughts, always. I can't overstate the effect you have over me, how much I cherish you... How much I love you. And I do— I love you. I truly, always will.

Ianto Jones, with care.

Good afternoon, Ju. I'm— well, to be honest, I really just wanted to talk to you again. You really are the best kind of thought, you know, the kind of person that I want to greet at the start and end of every day, the kind of person that I can be reminded of everywhere I look... Does that make sense? I'm afraid I'm at a bit of a loss for words right now. You are... Well, simply put, you are more than what I can describe. I love you, my darling Juette. I love you.

Ianto Jones

My dearest Juette,

It's been a moment since I've seen you... I hope you're doing well with whatever mission you're on. There's some stuff that I need to share with you when you're back — nothing bad, just funny things that have happened that I think would give you a nice laugh.

How have you been keeping? Are you well? ease for the sake of us all (especially me) remember to handle yourself without getting hurt. I love you dearly, Ju — so please keep yourself well. For me?

Things have started to come up now, so I'm sorry for how short this note is. But I'm glad to share it with you nonetheless — so you know things are still going well on my end!

Sincerely yours, Ianto Jones.

Hello, Juette. It's me— It's Ianto. Um, I hope I'm not intruding— are you doing quite alright? Are you well? I certainly hope you are, of course, but please know that I'm here for you; and Jack is too, naturally. You are very dear to the both of us. I can't say it too many times, you are exceedingly important to us – to me. I... Well, more than anything, I want to be by your side. We've been through a lot together, all of us have, and your presence has been more than comforting to me. I want to be that person for you. If I can— I'm here for you, Ju, for whatever you'd need. Always.

Darling Juette

I just saw a panda pillow for sale and obviously it made me think of you, so I had to buy it. I hope Jack isn't causing you too much trouble, I'll be home soon.

I love you,

Your Ianto

Ju, hello — are you free? I do hope you aren't too swamped with work. I'm here, if you need me — for anything, anything at all. I want you to know that I respect you a great deal; I want to help you wherever I possibly can. Even when we're apart from one another, my mind can't help but wander towards you again and again... Though honestly I don't do much to dissuade it. I find your presence, even imagined — it relieves a good deal of stress for me. I have a hard time describing exactly why... I suppose, putting it simply — I love you. That's all. I love you, and I'm here for whatever you'd need.



So...Valentine's day, huh. I wanted to do something special and romantic but at the same time I was afraid of being too cliché...I settled on a love letter, I hope that's alright.

Ever since you came into my life, you've made it brighter, made me feel things I never thought I'd ever feel. For someone who has seen aliens I still thought you were ehem...out of this world.

What I mean to say is I love you and I'd love to spend the day with you, if you're free. A meal, a movie, or whatever you'd like. I know I'll have fun as long as we are together.

❤ Ianto ❤

Hey there, darling. How've you been? I'm exhausted after work, and I'd love nothing more than to curl up with you in bed. Rest your head on my chest and we can take care of each other. I promise I'll keep you safe.

Ianto ❤

Before I realised what it was, I often laid awake at night questioning what the feeling of warmth inside in my chest was, and why it only really happened when I was with you. (I thought I was just dying for a bit) Now I know it was my feelings for you, and I wouldn't trade that for the world. I care about you immensely, Juette, and I hope you don't forget that fact.