Ianto Jones

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he is the love of my life and i need to gather my thoughts about him (and some nice pictures) before i write them down here.

Ianto Jones is a character from Torchwood, a Doctor Who spin-off series that originally aired between 2006 and 2011. He starts off as a quiet and mild-mannered general support officer, but we quickly learn that reserved butler persona hides a passionate man willing to die for the things he believes in, as well as a more playful side that ocassionally comes out via his dry humor.


NAME Ianto Jones
Pronouns he (they for friends)
Gender Trans man
Orientation Bisexual
Birthdate August 19th, 1983
Height 1m83/6"
Nationality Welsh
Tarot cards tba


James Bond
hotel soaps
nice stationery
Stark Trek
dark chocolate


The font for his handwriting is Dakota.


2020 was a difficult year for me as much as it was for everyone else. during the last few months of the year, i watched the first four seasons of doctor who with some friends. ianto jones appeared in the stolen earth and journey's end, but i was too excited about rose tyler's return to pay him any mind. jack harkness being my favorite character, i decided to watch torchwood on december 17. again, i didn't think much of ianto... that is, until i watched cyberwoman — that episode is what first got me interested in him. since i was already selfshipping with jack, i sort of integrated jack and ianto's relationship into my selfship. i listened some of the audios and read some of the books, learning more and more about ianto in the process and falling more and more in love with him. now he's the most important character in the world for me!

more to be added!!